Our trial attorneys have extensive experience representing and advising clients in all aspects of civil litigation, with an emphasis on resolving intellectual property disputes. Our full-spectrum litigation services are designed to achieve successful case outcomes within an expeditious and cost efficient framework. Our clientele includes individuals and corporate organizations. Our litigation services include:

  • Comprehensive initial case evaluation and strategic planning to indentify and achieve desired outcomes;
  • Strategic initial pleading practice with a deliberate focus on early and complete case resolution;
  • Tactical discovery planning to facilitate final case disposition using dispositive motion practice, including summary judgement, as an alternative to conducting full scale trials;
  • Arbitration, mediation, and settlement proceedings;
  • Bench and jury trials, and post-trial remedies.

Our litigation team includes registered patent attorneys and intellectual property experts who have decades of experience litigating cases - as well as conducting transactional aspects of the practice (including registering, negotiating and licensing patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets).

Our transactional expertise in intellectual property matters gives you a tactical advantage in litigation, because litigation frequently evolves from transactional elements that become the core of a dispute. For instance, intellectual property litigation often includes transactional elements involving the scope of licenses, challenges to the validity of patents, or efforts to enforce trademark rights. Expertise in our transactional practice gives our team leverage in identifying and isolating transactional issues that may - and often times do - become the key to successful case resolution. This tactical advantage gives our team an eagle's view in litigation matters, which promotes creative, decisive and successful case outcomes.

Our litigation team is highly skilled, lean and innovative. We approach each case with a fresh perspective - and astute attention to detail. Whether we are stopping infringers from violating your intellectual property rights, or defending you against infringement claims from others, our team has the expertise and resources to resolve your litigation matters expeditiously and successfully.

Registration is the process we use to protect your technology, inventions, ideas, books, software, web designs, logos, products, services, brands and other forms of intellectual property. Patents, trademarks and copyrights are *legal registrations* for different forms of intellectual property. The federal government issues patents, trademarks and copyrights to inventors, authors and intellectual property owners.

Failure to register intellectual property rights is a tactical mistake, and can have devastating consequences if ideas, products or other intellectual property forms are disclosed or released into the marketplace before initiating the registration process. An intellectual property owner who fails to register rights before going to market can greatly diminish or completely forfeit corresponding intellectual property rights. Even worse, failure to register intellectual property rights may force owners to sideline or abort commercialization as their competitors gain market share and customers using the unregistered intellectual property rights. Registration also provides important forms of evidence if you ever need to protect or defend your intellectual property rights in court.

The current marketplace offers very little margin for error. Failure to register - correctly - intellectual property rights can result in irreversible damage and loss of rights. Our team of experts have decades of experience helping clients through the registration maze, and making sure that they obtain the maximum level of protection through intellectual property registration.

Licensing is the process that allows intellectual property owners to grant others the limited right to use their technology, inventions, ideas, software, written works, web designs, logos, products, services, brands and other forms of intellectual property.

An effective licensing strategy is *key* to growing revenue and profits from your intellectual property by receiving *royalties* from those who license the use of your intellectual property. An outstanding example of an effective licensing strategy involves the world famous Dolby® Noise Reduction system, which is technology that has been incorporated into thousands - if not millions - of high fidelity music and listening devices. By offering multiple licenses to use the patented Dolby® Noise Reduction system in various music products ( including some that you probably own), Dolby® Laboratories has established a dominant market presence, successfully maximized the value of its technology and - most importantly - improved the quality of the listening experience for many, many customers.

An effective licensing strategy allows you to defy conventional mathematics - by multiplying (increasing value) with division (disseminating usage of your intellectual property). In all other mathematical constructs, division results in smaller returns - but dividing and disseminating your intellectual property with an effective license strategy can multiply your returns with multiple royalties. Our team is ready to help identify the most effective and lucrative licensing strategy for you and your intellectual property rights.

Trademarks are essential for branding your products and services. A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that distinguishes your goods or services from others. The legal term for a brand is trademark. A brand may identify one item, a family of items, or all items a company sells. In addition, a brand may be the trade name of your company. During the trademark development process, planning a comprehensive brand strategy is key to launching and building a strong commercial image for your products and services in the marketplace.

In today's competitive environment, there is no room for mistaken strategy. If you are maintaining or improving an existing brand, or creating an entirely new brand identify, our firm can help you chart the most effective and innovative course. Collectively, our attorneys and advisors have over 25 years of experience successfully navigating the trademark and branding practice area, including trademark registration, brand identity analysis, product or service positioning, and assistance with developing and implementing effective marketing and advertising strategies.